Experience Malta in a unique way

The Maltese Islands are magnetic – traditions, history, adventure, food and drink and much more. You must experience it to fully immerse yourself in the Maltese way of life.

Traditions rich in history

Malta is a tiny island packed with loads of rich and colourful traditions that have withstood the test of time. In fact, many Maltese are proud of their culture and are involved in this way of life in their everyday lives. From elaborate fireworks displays and village fiestas during the Summer months to the beautiful artisan crafts and artifacts, it is apparent that it will be almost impossible not to be drawn in.

Ta’ Qali Artisan Village

In the middle of the island, you will be able to find a beautiful artisan village with different kinds of crafts and artifacts that are created and sold by local expert artisans. The Ta' Qali Artisan Village provides you with the opportunity to watch craftsmen blowing glass, visit filigree goldsmiths, as well as purchase beautiful jewellery, ceramics, stone miniature houses and souvenirs, wooden sculptures, candles and lace.

Teatru Manoel

“The Manoel”, as it is affectionately referred to by the locals, is Malta’s National Theatre, the best-equipped performing arts venue on the Island and a major contributor to the local performing arts scene. It is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture and one of the oldest working theatres in Europe. The Theatre has two performance areas, the main theatre and the studio theatre and you can visit from Monday to Friday between 11:00 and 15:00 or on Saturday between 10:30 and 11:30. And whilst you’re there, take a stroll in the capital city of Malta – Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Looking to satisfy your tastebuds?

Being an island rich in produce, with a sea brimming with delicious seafood, and recipes dating back to old times, food and drink are the very essence of the Maltese community.

Whether you feel like a quick bite or are in the mood for an exquisite 7-course tasting menu, or anything in-between, the Maltese Islands got you covered! 

Rabbit Stew, Bragjoli; thin beef fillet wraps with various stuffings, and widow’s soup, which includes a gbejna; a type of goat cheese are all dishes we recommend you try. One of the restaurants which we recommend for a Maltese feast is Diar il-Bniet in Dingli. Maltese love their food, and they are constantly snacking throughout the day. We suggest that you try the popular hobz biz-zejt; Maltese bread dipped in olive oil and rubbed with tomatoes and in some cases with a mix of tuna, onion and capers and also pastizzi, which are flaky pockets of pastry filled with ricotta or peas. These snacks can be found almost in all the localities across the islands, and they are a cheap and cheerful meal in themselves.

Did you know that if you visited a Maltese Church every day, it would take you a whole year to see them all?

With a whopping 359 churches, cathedrals and chapels across the Maltese Islands, the absolute devoutness of the Maltese is evident wherever you go. The focal point of every village is the churches. As well as providing insight into the religious side of people's lives, these ornate and intricately designed buildings are home to a jaw-dropping array of frescos, statues and other artistic masterpieces. Art aficionado or not, the numerous paintings by Caravaggio adorning the magnificent walls of Valletta’s Co-cathedral will leave you truly gob-smacked.

Ramble through the countryside or dive into the sea

With numerous beaches, cliffs, and countryside all around you, there’s really nothing stopping you from getting out and moving!

If you’re visiting in Spring, Autumn or Winter, we recommend you take a scenic route for a beautiful walk. The Watch Towers Walk in the North of Malta offers breathtaking views to the sea on both sides and takes you through dry farmland, wooden areas and stunning cliffs. Setting off from close to the Ghadira Nature Reserve, you can walk up to the top of Marfa Ridge beneath the Red Tower. The walk also passes by several fortified structures dating back to the time of the Knights of St. John, and others built during World War II.

And if you’re here for the Summer, why not mix a bit of sightseeing with the sea? With a splendid coastline and views for miles, Malta is a kayaker’s paradise. Whether you are experienced, or a novice, the options are endless. With rentals available on many beaches, hiring a kayak is easy, and if you would like to paddle further, nothing beats a guided tour around the islands.

No 2 nights are the same!

If you’re more of a night owl, Malta offers an infinite choice of bars, clubs, casinos and theatres. You can choose to sip a classy cocktail in one of the restaurants in the marina near our hotel or indulge in a glass of wine in Malta’s capital city. Or if you want to unleash the party animal in you, why not head to St Julian’s collection of nightclubs? In Malta, a night on the town should definitely not be missed.

Discover Malta from the sea

With scenic coastlines, cliff formations, historical harbours and pristine bays, there is no better way to experience Malta then with a luxurious boat. The vantage point from the sea gives a completely different perspective of the Islands and allows for a beautiful serene atmosphere.

The Riva Aquariva speedboat represents the pinnacle of Italian luxury and sophisticated design. Tailored Charters are available for up to five guests, ranging from luxurious harbour cruises to unforgettable corporate, wedding, and engagement events. With convenient boarding from the pontoon in the Grand Harbour, just a short stroll from the hotel, you can explore the sister islands of Gozo and Comino on a full-day charter, taking a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the blue lagoon and venturing into the captivating caves of Comino Island before enjoying a delightful lunch on the shore.

The charters are run by our sister company, Von der Heyden Yachting and if you want to book the Riva speedboat or for further details you contact our concierge.